Flag Football Official

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Basic Function:
The Officials are there to make sure rules and sportsmanship are being enforced Flag Football official position is responsible for officiating in scheduled youth flag football games. A high level of independent judgment is necessary to be an official. Officials are under the direction of the Site Manager. The official's responsibility is to enforce the rules impartially and control the contest so that the players are afforded a positive game experience. The officials will display self-confidence and a professional attitude/dress while officiating.

Enforcing the i9 Sports Rules & Sportsmanship Values
Set up and break down the field (set up basic cones for drills, set up check in table etc. Must be able to lift 50 lbs)
Checking-in with the Site Manager 15min prior to the first game each week
Ensure the all games start on time
Articulately explain the rules with coaches, parents and players to help with there understanding of how the game will be called
Work with coaches to keep the environment focused on fun vs. winning
Arrive 15 minutes prior to game time to check the equipment and playing field condition.
Maintain a clean and safe environment by monitoring the fields constantly and addressing any safety or cleanliness issues immediately

The ideal candidate for this position will posses the following skills, qualities and

Must have reliable transportation
Must pass background check (if 18 or older)
Have a costumer service oriented attitude
Enjoy working with children and parents
Commitment to fulfilling this obligation for entire season (8 Weekend game)
Trustworthy and reliable
Experience working with kids and or parents a plus
Belief and commitment to the i9 Sports philosophy
Able to lift at least 50 lbs
Outgoing, friendly, and genial
Depth of knowledge of a specific sport and age group development
Warmth, empathy, and helpfulness.
Patient and consistent
Efficiency is of utmost importance

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