Hip Hop Class Instructor


Plans and instructs classes in a specialty area. Provides participants with pertinent information, quick and efficient service, and instructs all classes within the guidelines of the Association to maintain the quality of the programs.


Levels 1-3:

  • Working at the skill and learning level of a particular class, demonstrates skills and explains them clearly to class members remembering safety at all times (including equipment, exercise modifications, or contraindicated movements)
  • Must work with individual students within class structure to enable all to correct faults, improve self image, provide all necessarily modifications, and progress their skills or abilities.
  • Prepares teaching area with necessary equipment and returns all teaching equipment to proper storage at the end of each class.
  • Assists in participant recruitment or program promotions and tracks class attendance and monitors class size for program management purposes.


Teaching classes requires bending, lifting, sitting, squatting, ability to get to the floor and back up, and/or standing during the duration of class or classes. ead a class, respond to safety and emergency situations,

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